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Chase contrasted the man and the machine to find out if machines had anything to give in copywriting. As it turned out, the marketing messages written by the algorithm were delightful for Chase and depressing for human creatives who took an ugly beating on click-through rates. So Chase looked at the data and switched to using algorithms instead of humans.

Stunning examples of how machines wedge into the creative field alongside and in some cases without much help from humans have since surged: machines compose music, create works of art, design product names, create brand identities, make recipes, and predict…

Lately, there has been more and more noise about low-code and no-code platforms. As the flexibility and intelligence of these platforms evolves, the possibilities of their application in product development projects also evolves, allowing us to tackle ever-increasingly complex solutions.

The emergence of these platforms also brings with it a perceived fear from the boots-on-the-ground developers. How can what they do be bottled up and served up so anyone can do it? How clean is the code that is created by these tools? …

At Finlabs, we love challenges that are fraught with uncertainty and change. These are not negative things to be shied away from in favor of following certainty and definition. They are positive areas of opportunity that we point our creative minds towards anticipating and being ready to exploit in order to create a far bigger business impact.

Is there a risk? Of course…when you’re driven by time and delivery. …

Change produces huge amounts of uncertainty. And, if people hate something other than a common decision, then uncertainty.

Some people tolerate uncertainty better. Others even understand it as a necessary intermediate step before reorganizing things. But as a rule, uncertainty is a negative state of being. From the point of view of organizations, there is no shortage of uncertainty right now. It would not have required a pandemic to instill uncertainty. The current transition of time would have adequately completed the task.

Every leader and entrepreneur should understand why the pace of creativity accelerates and how fast it will get with creative machines

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At Finlabs, we’ve been experiencing great demand for our skills and knowledge. Since starting the company in early 2018, we’ve been on an exciting journey with some awesome clients and built a great team. Now it’s time for us to go even bigger and sink our teeth into the market that we’ve had our eyes on since day one, the U.S.

To drive our expansion into North America we are expanding on our New York office. The office will provide local support for our existing U.S. clients, and serve as the headquarters as we continue to grow the team.



The time has finally come that we are allowed to return to our beloved office in Oulu. But we are not beyond the concerns and problems to deal with and to react to, thanks to the Coronavirus.

After months (that feel like years) we are all keen to get back to where we can collaborate, whiteboard ideas, talk through issues, and generally work as a cohesive team again. …

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Computer vision (also known as machine vision) along with Natural Language Processing (NLP), is one of the most intriguing but highly complex subfields of artificial intelligence.

At Finlabs we regularly dive into these technologies in our work and, to keep up with the rapidly evolving landscape, constantly grow our knowledge in this area. In doing so we have acquired a good deal of knowledge on what it takes to use these technologies effectively and what's involved in applying computer vision to a real-world project.

There are many factors to consider in setting the foundation for these types of projects. The…

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When somebody comes to Finlabs for help we’ve found there’s many preconceived needs and perceptions of what we do. As an organization that delves into product creation and development, there are many intertwined steps within that journey that can be individually picked out and seen as the place we’re needed to “get things done”.

It’s then on us to handle the problem of steering the conversation and engagement towards one that is driven towards tangible success, where we can fulfill the determined true needs of a client and be successful in our own right by delivering on that need. …

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Agile development has brought many new terms to product development and MVP is probably the most (over) used of them. You can replace the middle consonant with any letter and you can find a term that is somehow related to accelerated market entries.

So what on earth is Continuous Launch then?

The weakness of MVP thinking is that it’s accelerated product development without product strategy. In MVP development, it is assumed that the real product with production-grade quality will follow and we are only testing the market and customer demand. …


We focus on creating human-centered products and services that are built with a process that is also deeply human.

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